A Touch of Finishing Salt from Ishka Farms is All You Need to Enhance the Flavour of Your Food

Salt is to food what the soul is to the body.

This quote aptly sums up the worth of salt in a cuisine, no matter which part of the world it comes from!

Now, the regular salt (iodised table salt)is most commonly used salt in the cooking process. However, if you really want to elevate the taste and flavour of your food, finishing salt is the perfect condiment.

What is Finishing Salt?

This is an all-purpose seasoning that doubles up a flavour enhancer. You can use it to deliver a final flourish to the food. Given its unique characteristic of bringing flair to the dish without overpowering the natural taste, this salt is tagged as gourmet salt in global cuisine.

This salt can have flat, flaky or coarse crystals depending on its origin, ingredient mix and preparation method. It is available in various shapes and textures. Hence, this salt doesn’t fall into one-size-fits-all category.

Caper Pepper Sprinkle - Finishing Salt by Ishka Farms

Ishka Farms Caper Pepper Sprinkle – Finishing Salt Like None Other

Our team at Ishka Farms has crafted Caper Pepper Sprinkle to leave a long-lasting impression on the palate of your guests or patrons. Believe us when we say that they will ask for a second helping and the secret of your recipes!

What makes our product a notch above the rest? Well, the magic lies in our choice of ingredients extraordinaire. Let’s tell you more.

Ishka Farms Caper Salt: The sprinkle contains the umami of Ishka Farms Flinders Rose (Caper Flower) that we cure in the mineral-rich Tuticorin Sea Salt and then sun dry them. It lends the pleasant savouriness to the dish.

Ishka Farms Sea Salt: This ingredient amplifies the flavour of the sprinkle.Our sea salt is a mineral-rich raw sea salt. It is different from table salt which is fortified with iodine, a natural mineral or micronutrient necessary for human health. The Government of India runs Salt Iodisation Program. Our sea salt is NOT table salt.

Black Peppercorns: This ingredient augments the profile of finishing salt through the aroma and heat of the black peppercorns. We source these peppercorns from the Western Ghats of Kerala, the land of spices in India.

Other Ingredients:The subtle under notes of dehydrated onion powder and dehydrated garlic powder intensify the fruity notes of the Black Peppercorns in the sprinkle.

That’s not all. All our products, including this salt are completely vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. There isn’t even an ounce of trace of preservatives and chemicals in our products. So, you can expect natural flavours at their best.

Ways to Use Ishka Farms Caper Pepper Sprinkle

Honestly, there is no specific way to incorporate our sprinklein your recipes. Put on your chef hat and let the creative juices flow. However, we couldn’t resist dishing out a few ideas of our own for you.

You can season dips, dressings and marinades with Ishka Farms Caper Pepper Sprinkle. You can also add a smidgeon of this salt on fried snacks for a delicious kick to your tastebuds. Looking for aromatic toppings for fruits, popcorn or eggs? Use this sprinkle.

Check out our innovative recipes with Ishka Farms Caper Pepper Sprinkle on our website and Instagram!

Ishka Farms BBQ Powder: A Multipurpose Spice Mix for Delight in Every Bite

The origins of BBQ powder can be traced to colonial times when people started experimenting with it to season their barbeque delicacies. Since then, this powder has remarkably evolved into versatile refreshing combinations and innovative usages in cooking.

There are no wrong or right ingredients in this spice mix. It is usually a blend of salt, pepper, herbs and other spices in various measurements. The sole purpose of this powder is to lend a distinguished taste to your culinary creations.

However, we at Ishka Farms have always believed in enriching our patrons’ palettes with unique and memorable flavours. Hence, we have crafted not one but two such mouth-watering powders to spoil you for choices!

Try BBQ Powder by Ishka Farms

Let us divulge some interesting titbits about our farm fresh spice mixes – Ishka Farms Caper Berbere and Ishka Farms Caper Pepper Sprinkle.

Ishka Farms Caper Berbere

We drew our inspiration from Ethiopian cuisine to create this flavourful condiment. It is a perfect harmony of only the purest ingredients such as:

  • Ishka Caper Salt
  • Ishka Sea Salt
  • Ishka Black Pepper
  • Chilli
  • Ginger
  • Smoked paprika
  • Coriander
  • Cumin
  • Fennel
  • Nutmeg

This blend gets its notable taste, texture and aroma from the unification of umami-rich Caper Salt from our farms and earthy attributes of whole spices from Kerala.

You can smear this BBQ powder on barbeque, whether you are grilling or pan-frying. It also acts as a wonderful marinade for vegetables, fish, seafood, lean meats and poultry meats. Need a dry rub? This spice mix gels well with salt, curd and olive oil.

Another way you can try out it is to sprinkle it liberally on pan-seared foods to bring out the nuttiness. It also makes a great condiment for baked croutons and vegetables just in case you want a subtle spicy kick on your tongue. Use it to temper vegetable dips too.

Ishka Farms Caper Pepper Sprinkle

If we were to describe this condiment in just a few words, we would call it ‘a delicate dance duet between pepper and capers’. The aroma and heat of the Black Peppercorns from the Western Ghats of Kerala and the pleasant savouriness of Ishka Farms Caper Salt hit the right notes when they land on your tongue.

This flavour enhancer mix also comprises onion powder and garlic powder in dehydrated form. They elevate the fruity notes of the Black Peppercorns. It also contains Ishka Sea Salt (mineral-rich raw sea salt that is different from iodised table salt) to heighten the flavours.

The beauty of this spice mix is that it complements dressings, dips and marinades for seasoning. You can also dust it on fried snacks or use it as a topping for eggs, popcorn and fruits.

Next time you need a BBQ powder, look nowhere else. Our spice mixes Ishka Farms Caper Berbere and Ishka Farms Caper Pepper Sprinkle have got you covered. Ah, just one more thing we think you would find fascinating and reassuring. We make all our condiments organically and sustainably on farms. They are also free from preservatives, chemicals, artificial colours and sugars.

What more could you ask for? Place your order today with us.