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Caper Berbere

Inspired from Ethiopian cuisine, our Caper Berbere is a blend of the Ishka Farms Caper Salt and spices ubiquitous to Kerala. This versatile spice mix can be used to marinate ahead of time or simply to sprinkle on the barbeque while pan-frying or grilling. Sprinkle our Berbere over any steaks of meat, chicken, fish or even vegetables like cauliflower/brussel sprouts and sear in a pan with butter to enjoy its aromas and nuttiness in its simplest form.
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Kerala Hot Sauce

As the name suggests, this hot sauce is made from some of the most famous and indigenous flavours of Kerala – the white Kandari chillies (Bird’s eye Chillie) add their unique spicy, and floral notes, the tingling heat from Green Peppercorns plucked at their peak, along with the subtle saltiness from the Ishka Capers. The sauce is a flavour bomb and is versatile - alongside sandwiches or any fried snacks, add to stews or pastas to amp up their heat and flavour profile or use as a base for a salad dressing.
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Smoked Caper Sofrito

This condiment champions our prized Capers. This “multi-tasker” is very versatile and can be used as a base for a great pasta/ ragout sauce, is the perfect bed for grilled meats and vegetables or can be simple eaten as a sauce to accompany your favourite burgers and sandwiches. Pro-tip: It can be used as a pizza base sauce to make a delicious Margarita!!  It pairs amazingly with fresh/ soft cheese, i.e. Burrata.
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Caperberry Mustard

Yes !! This rendition of the Ishka Caperberry celebrates the spectacular seeds in the berries, which resembles the texture of mustard seeds. The texture and saltiness of our caperberries are showcased in this condiment. As the name suggests, one can use it in everything one would traditionally use mustard in but amplified with the taste of Caperberries. It makes for a perfect swap in vinaigrettes, glazes, mayonnaise-based sauces and a start to build a great sandwich.
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Black Garlic Caper Spread

This is quite the show-stopper of our present condiment range - it’s a testament of time, persistence and balance. Single clove garlic  fermented till it releases its natural sweetness and flavour melded with the piquant Ishka Capers and Caper Salt. This eggless ‘aioli’  shines in multiple places -  cheeseboards, sandwiches, alongside a bowl of fries, as a base for a dip or dressing or even simply smeared on toasted bread to make an uplifted version of garlic bread!
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Caper Pepper Sprinkle

We see our Caper Pepper sprinkle to be at every dinner table in households across the globe. The aroma and heat of some of the best Black Peppercorns sourced from the Western Ghats of Kerala blend in harmony with the umami of the Ishka Caper Salt. It makes for a perfect topping on eggs, popcorn or any fried snack ( we love it over a good tempura). It can be used to season dips, marinades and dressings.
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Capers are one of the most desired ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine which has also found a place in international kitchens. Its unique flavour profile has won ardent fans across all palates.
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Moringa Oleifera is more popularly called – Moringa or Drum Stick Tree and in many cultures has been christened ‘The Tree of Life’ or ‘The Miracle Tree’ because of it’s myriad health benefits.
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