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These blogs are notes on the experiences the founders and core team have had while setting up and running the farm. A collection of musings on lessons learnt, dreams, achievements and way forward. It is by no means a handbook of agricultural practices; it is what works for us in our work with the land at Niravi Pudhupatti.

Sustainable Farming Practices: A Closer Look at Ishka Farms

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Ishka Farms. Our commitment to eco-friendly farming practices not only ensures the quality of our produce but also contributes to the well-being of the earth and our farmer community. A peek into our farm...

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From Farm to Table: The Journey of Ishka Farms

Brined capers in bowl

Organic Capers At Ishka Farms, we take pride in our journey from farm to table, especially when it comes to our organic capers. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and organic farming practices ensures that every caper that leaves our farm is of the...

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A Touch of Finishing Salt from Ishka Farms is All You Need to Enhance the Flavour of Your Food

Finishing Salt from Ishka Farms

Salt is to food what the soul is to the body. This quote aptly sums up the worth of salt in a cuisine, no matter which part of the world it comes from! Now, the regular salt (iodised table salt)is most commonly used salt in the cooking process. However, if...

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Ishka Farms BBQ Powder: A Multipurpose Spice Mix for Delight in Every Bite

Ishka Farms - BBQ Powder

The origins of BBQ powder can be traced to colonial times when people started experimenting with it to season their barbeque delicacies. Since then, this powder has remarkably evolved into versatile refreshing combinations and innovative usages in cooking....

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Caper Berbere – A Flavourful BBQ Seasoning Powder from Ishka Farms

Ishka Farms offers BBQ seasoning powder. Shop now!

Capers with their robust flavour are a favourite with restaurant chefs, home chefs, cooking aficionados and foodies. While you can use capers in different ways for your gastronomical fare, you may have never tried them as a versatile spice mix. Have we piqued...

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Finishing Salt from Ishka Farms: An All-Purpose Seasoning to Make Everything Taste Better

Caper Pepper Sprinkle: A finishing salt by Ishka Farms

There are some things that you can’t live without when it comes to your food. You have to have them in your kitchen. An all-around seasoning is one such thing. It simply peps up the palate of most dishes without overshadowing their natural flavours. ...

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Kerala Hot Sauce from Ishka Farms: The Fiery Flavour Bomb That Will Blow Away Your Mind

Kerala Hot Sauce a chilli hot sauce by Ishka farms

Some people want it hot! They like to turn up the heat in their meals. They want to indulge their taste buds in tingly sensations. If you are among these people, you have come to the right place. The Kerala Hot Sauce from Ishka Farms is the right mix of heat...

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The Beginning – Notes From The Ground

From the invention of the microwave oven to that of the potato chips and post-it notes, several vital accomplishments were in fact pure accidents. Ishka Farms’ genesis too in some ways is a tale of serendipity that began in a direction quite different...

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How we started- Founders Perspective

Serendipity lead to the establishment of Ishka Farms as the pioneering Caper farm in India. Srikanth and I had bought the land in 2021 with no clear plan of what or how to grown but with a general idea that we would take our careers and personal life path...

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Why Condiments?

I’ve been asked this so many times since we launched the condiment line. Simply put – at Ishka we believe that farmers should own as much of the value chain as they can and the privilege of education and exposure allows Srikanth and I to do so. The...

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Seasonality of Condiments

While we developed the condiment line based on the perennial availability of the capers from our farm, a critical factor that we didn’t account for was the availability of all the other fresh ingredients used in the lineup of condiments. All of our...

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Livestock at the farm

It’s often asked and stands to reason that a working organic farm as expansive as ours would be expected to have cows or goats. We, however, do not. Simply put, we do not have water or other resources to ensure nutrition, environmental comfort and good...

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Farm Visits

We are a first-generation family-owned working farm in a small village in Ettayapuram Taluk, South Tamil Nadu. That means that while it is picturesque, resources and infrastructure are scarce. So our focus has been on setting up the farm for the actual...

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The Kerala Hot Sauce

The focus while developing the Kerala Hot Sauce was not to play up on the extreme heat potential of the chillies we could choose from. Our focal point was to highlight and showcase the flavour complexity of the Ishka Farms Capers, balancing the heat and...

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Condiment Development- Chef’s Take

My training in Austraila is where I was first introduced on how to use Capers and Caperberries. When I discovered Ishka Farms, I was in awe of the fact that Capers grew in India. This Ingredient is under appreciated here and I have been on a quest since then...

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Staying organic

In a bid to progress and prosper, humankind has adopted best-suited methods to achieve that goal in that particular time and place. Unfortunately, the significance and impact of such endeavours in the larger arc of time have either been ignored or just been...

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To plant a tree is to hope

While right at the outset, we had articulated our intention to green the barren land, not only with commercial crops but also with indigenous biodiverse plant life, and that journey has been interesting though not without challenges. It has taken us six years...

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Our First Monsoon

When we think of rains in India, we always seem to picture the monsoon season; starting in June and lasting through till September, the bulk of the subcontinent receives a much-awaited respite from sweltering summer when the south-westerlies hit and drench...

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Taking the community that we work in, forward along with us, has been the vision at Ishka Farms. We are delighted that our impact on the Community now stretches further than the village we operate in. The wooden spreaders at Ishka Farms are handcrafted by...

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Social Change

While the barren piece of land at Niravi Pudhupatti is slowly undergoing a transformation under our watchful eye, there is also an impact on the local socio-economic climate. We provide year-round employment to people in the local villages. The local economy...

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Bringing back the trees, flowers, birds, bees and butterflies

The environmental impact of every thing we do at the farm has guided our plans, process and practices. It has been a learning curve for us from lessons learnt on the ground as well as from interactions with those who have paved the path of organic,...

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