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Ishka Farms
Taj Fateh Prakash Palace

The collaboration with Taj Fateh Prakash Palace, Udaipur, is rooted in Ishka Farms’ endeavour to work with enterprises that reflect our belief that one can give back to the community while building a successful business enterprise. Ishka Farms is a family-owned agricultural enterprise that has not only pioneered the organized cultivation of Capers in India but has also placed India on the world’s caper grower and exporters’ map.

By highlighting a selection of Ishka Farms produce in its repertoire of giveaways, Taj Fateh Prakash Palace supports the rural community of a small village in Niravi Pudhupatti, near Tuticorin, engaged in the growing, harvesting and packaging of organic certified Capers and Moringa. Proceeds from this collaboration not only ensure fair wages for our workforce (80% of whom are women) but are also directed towards our efforts at afforestation and rainwater harvesting.

Contents of the box:

Capers in Sea Salt -These Capers are dry cured for six weeks in raw sea salt, washed, sun-dried and bottled with Sea Salt.  They are great in stews and sauces. Perfect for grinding into a gremolata. Bloom in oil to use as a garnish/add crunch to a salad or open toast. Reserve the salt from the bottle to make a vinaigrette or for everyday cooking.

Moringa Leaf Powder – Our Moringa powder is finely ground from tender green leaves on plants grown to maximize leaf nutrition. It makes for a healthful addition to smoothies, chutneys, batters and doughs. Best had raw in small quantities as nutritional values diminish with cooking at high heat.

Tuticorin Sea Salt – The raw sea salt from the local saltpans is used for curing and preserving our range of Caper produce. This delicious, mineral-rich salt is additive-free. Use in everyday cooking or baking to enhance the flavour of any cuisine. For recipe ideas, please follow this link

Please dispose of the custom-designed box responsibly. It is recyclable and is bereft of plastic lamination. The box and our labels have an aqueous coating that is biodegradable.

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