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Ishka Caper Berries in Brine

Rs. 225.00

Freshly picked and bottled, these delicious, crunchy Caper Berries in brine are the perfect ingredient to bring out a complex flavor. Used as pickles or simply as a quick nosh alongside antipasto, these salty-sour morsels are the fruit of the caper bush. Caper Berries are milder in flavor than capers and are just on top of a pizza or salads.

Packaged fresh from our Farms in individual 190 g vacuum-packed bottles.

90 g
190 g
1 Glass Bottle
Serving Size 5 g (0.17 oz)
Servings Per Container: Approx. 12-15

Below values are per 100 g

20.5 kcal
1.05 g
0.26 g
3.49 g
2.59 g
3.88 g
63.9 mg
< 5 mg

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