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Grey leaves

Quality Control and Organic Product Development

Our quest to provide organic farm fresh products began with our search for sustainable farming practices and is backed by an unflinching focus on quality. Quality benchmarks for all process and practices on the farm and in the post-harvest facilities have been laid down and systems are in place to monitor the efficacy of the same.

While all final organic farm fresh products are tested at International certified laboratories, our internal set up ensures continuous testing and evaluation.

The journey commenced with grassroots level farming operations in inhospitable terrain, but the long-term vision encompasses farm to food or farm to table products being developed in-house for direct delivery to the consumer. With this in mind, we have now embarked on in-house product innovation and development too.


Finding Organic Capers

A chance meeting with an agricultural entrepreneur from Argentina, under the G20 in Moscow, Russia in 2012, led to our tryst with Capers. Pablo Rico Sebastian cajoled us to consider Capers as a commercial crop. The opportunity seemed straight out a fairy tale but the journey from ideation to plants on the ground was anything but!

Visits to Baja, (California) Mexico, Santiago del Estero (Argentina), Pantalleria, Italy and Adelaide, Australia; along with a visit from Pablo to India, sealed our decisions to go ahead with the hardy Capers as our crop of choice. The huge leap of faith tested our resilience in every way possible – from obtaining Government clearance for import, to transporting perishable plants across 25000 kms and seven pit stops, to setting up quarantine to creating in-house protocol for pest control and fertigation. Pablo and his family have been companions in every step of this challenging journey. Notwithstanding the pressures added by the distance, culture and time difference between the two sub-continents, it was combination of foolhardiness and determination that made this possible.

Moringa Oleifera

A leaf with a myriad of health benefits

Moringa Oleifera is more popularly called – Moringa or Drum Stick Tree and in many cultures has been christened ‘The Tree of Life’ or ‘The Miracle Tree’ because of it’s myriad health benefits. All parts of the tree, from its roots to its leaves, are edible and form not only a part of a daily diet but is also used in ancient and modern medical remedies.

The leaves are one of the richest source of plant protein and antioxidants. It is loaded with vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and more. This superfood received a fillip when in 2008 the US National Institute of Health named it “the plant of the year” acknowledging that this plant had the potential to not only reverse multiple environmental issues but also provide for many unmet human nutritional needs. Its products are proven to have antibiotic, antispasdomic, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory and hypoglycemic properties.

Ishka Farms grows organic farm fresh Moringa only for its leaves and nurtures the plants so that it’s entire energy is harnessed in the leaf and not diverted to flower or fruit. Leaves are handpicked, cleaned, shade dried and packed on the farm itself so as to prevent any loss of nutrition.


Capparis Spinosa – Capers

A Spice-Bud for optimum health

Capers are one of the most desired ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine which has now found a place in international kitchens. Its unique flavour profile has won ardent fans across all palates. It is acknowledged as a plant source packed with the powerful anti-oxidants and flavonoid compounds rutin (rutoside) and quercetin. Research studies suggest that quercetin has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. With a concentration of 180 mg/100 g of quarcetin, the tiny Caper comes in second only to concentration levels found in tea leaf.

Our farm is the first organised commercial farm in India to grow organic farm fresh Capers. Niravi Pudhupatti soil has deep black cotton soil with a thick layer of calcium rocks. The organic capers produced are pungent, intense, deep and rich in flavours and at par, if not better, than those produced in traditional caper farming belts of the world. The proximity to the Bay of Bengal and the large salt pans of Tuticorin gives our organic capers a distinct advantage of being cured in sea salt which is organically and painstakingly produced. The harsh environment, coupled with the the ground water which filters naturally through the mineral rich rocks under the deep black soil produces unique and piquent capers with underlying notes of pepper.