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Condiment Development- Chef’s Take

My training in Austraila is where I was first introduced on how to use Capers and Caperberries. When I discovered Ishka Farms, I was in awe of the fact that Capers grew in India. This Ingredient is under appreciated here and I have been on a quest since then to educate people about Capers. The condiment line launched in October of 2021 is an extension of that intent and this range of products makes Capers more user friendly without it being an intimidating ingredient. The Ishka team’s vision to come out with an up-scaled product line using their star ingredient helped me create a unique blend of spices and condiments that can be used to spruce up everyday meals. The fundamentals for both Ishka and me was to create something that not only tasted great, but fulfilled the brief of not having any artificial flavours, colours or any chemical preservatives.
With this initial range I have focused on developing condiments that are versatile and can support anyone to cook-up a brilliant & quick meal/snack. The recipes that I am writing with these condiments showcases how they can be used in different ways in every household.

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